About Client

IrisVision, a pioneering digital healthcare startup spearheaded by Co-founder Frank Werblin, Ph.D., is revolutionizing the low vision landscape. Driven by a mission to improve accessibility for visually impaired individuals, IrisVision leverages cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to create impactful solutions. However, their ambitious goals required a team as innovative as their vision, and limited funding necessitated a resource-efficient approach to talent acquisition.


Since 2023




Co pilot, On demand RPO

The Callenge:

IrisVision faced a unique obstacle. As a growing startup, they needed a team of highly skilled professionals passionate about developing assistive technologies. However, building and managing a dedicated internal recruitment department would have burdened their limited resources and diverted focus from their core mission. Traditional agencies offered limited control and scalability.

Aligning with Irisvision's Mission:

At Zuswork, we are committed to empowering businesses that make a positive impact. Recognizing IrisVision’s potential to transform lives, we saw an opportunity to provide a strategic solution that addressed their specific needs.

Leadership roles

Strategic partnership

Technology roles

The Zuswork RPO Solution:

Our approach embodied Zuswork’s core values of scalability, expertise, and innovation through a comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service.


Through our strategic RPO partnership, Zuswork empowered IrisVision to build a high-performing, mission-aligned team. This newfound talent has allowed them to accelerate the development and deployment of their assistive technologies, expanding their reach within the low vision community and creating positive change for countless individuals. As IrisVision continues to grow, Zuswork remains their trusted partner, ensuring they have the talent necessary to fulfill their ambitious vision of a more inclusive world.