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Zuswork doesn't just fill roles, we build partnerships. We're passionate about your success, and our expertise in RPO and specialized searches helps you find the perfect talent to fuel your growth. Let's create lasting impact, together.

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At Zuswork, we're passionate about igniting success alongside our partners. Every collaboration is a chance to unleash our best, leading to remarkable achievements, together.

Who we are

How We Started ZUS WORK

Company Setup
Company Setup 2022

Company Setup

Witnessing the talent struggles of fast-growing startups like her own Citrusbits, Zahra Banin envisioned a better way. In 2022, Zuswork was born in Pleasanton, California, with a mission to bridge the gap between ambitious companies and the exceptional talent they need. Offering strategic partnerships, scalable solutions like FlexForce and CoPilot, and a focus on innovation, Zuswork empowers businesses to build high-performing teams and achieve their full potential.

Hired the winning team
Hired the winning team 2022

Hired the winning team

In 2022, our Zuswork dream began not with code, but with people. We scoured the globe to assemble a dream team of seasoned recruiters, because we know our employees are our heart and soul. Together, we built our processes and workspace – the launchpad for an amazing journey, fueled by the power of putting people first.

Zuswork delivers
Zuswork delivers 2023

Zuswork delivers

2023 has been stellar! We secured 3 happy clients and filled over 80 positions, from executive searches to full RPO. All with 5-star ratings in year one. At Zuswork, we empower businesses through exceptional talent acquisition.


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