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EZO, a high-growth SaaS company in the web-based asset tracking software space, found themselves struggling to recruit top talent during a critical phase of expansion. Their rapid ascent necessitated filling leadership and technical roles quickly, while the specialized nature of these positions required expertise from a niche market, further complicating the recruitment process.


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The Callenge:

EZO’s rapid growth presented an unexpected challenge: filling critical leadership and technical roles quickly enough to maintain their momentum. These positions demanded not only strong leadership and technical skills but also expertise specific to the web-based asset tracking industry. This niche requirement made finding qualified candidates even more difficult, especially within a tight timeframe. The traditional recruitment process wasn’t equipped to identify and attract the talent EZO needed to fuel their continued expansion.

The Zuswork Recruitment Solution:

Understanding EZO’s unique needs and rapid growth trajectory was paramount. Zuswork fostered a close collaboration with their team, delving deep into the specific requirements and challenges surrounding leadership and technical roles. This in-depth analysis led to a customized recruitment strategy:


Zuswork’s tailored recruitment strategy delivered impactful results for EZO. We successfully identified and placed a seasoned Director of Product Management through our executive search services. This key leadership hire provided EZO with the prompt and proficient guidance needed to navigate their rapid expansion and meet technical demands.

Furthermore, our focus on attracting top talent from specialized sectors yielded exceptional results. Zuswork recruited additional high-performing professionals, directly contributing to EZO’s new product line development. This success solidified EZO’s trust, leading them to entrust Zuswork with the recruitment of an entire department.