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RadiusXR, a pioneering digital healthcare startup, is revolutionizing eye care. Their innovative wearable technology combines patient engagement and diagnostics in a single, user-friendly device. This groundbreaking approach streamlines eye condition detection and management, while also enhancing patient experience and operational efficiency within practices. RadiusXR stands out by merging medical-grade diagnostics, business tools, and patient education – a significant leap forward in patient-centered eye care solutions.


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The Callenge:

The competitive and fast-paced digital healthcare landscape presented a significant challenge for RadiusXR: attracting top talent quickly to fill crucial technology and leadership roles. Established players with greater resources made it even tougher. To stay ahead, RadiusXR needed a strategic recruitment partner. Zuswork’s expertise in executive search and on-demand recruitment was the answer. We helped them identify and secure highly skilled individuals, building a groundbreaking team that laid the foundation for innovation and success in the digital healthcare space.

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The Solution:

Understanding the unique challenges faced by RadiusXR, Zuswork crafted a comprehensive recruitment solution tailored to their specific needs. Here’s how we addressed their challenges:


Zuswork’s strategic recruitment partnership proved instrumental in RadiusXR’s rapid ascent. Our on-demand recruitment and executive search expertise helped them fill critical roles quickly with top talent, even attracting industry leaders from established players. This collaborative effort fostered the creation of a world-class team, the cornerstone of RadiusXR’s groundbreaking product development. Their success speaks for itself – an award-winning product, a prestigious CES award, and a partnership with industry giant Glaukos all demonstrate RadiusXR’s transformation from a promising startup to a well-funded leader in digital healthcare.